WPS Steak Destroyer – The Warrior’s Kitchen

Steak Night in Style

The WPS Steak Destroyer knife set has arrived.

Carefully crafted by hand in Italy, each satin-coated blade will sing through any sear. With stainless steel blades and rivets, these beautiful tools hold a lasting sheen that proudly bears the WPS logo.

With a blade length of 4.13″ and an overall length of 8.66″, these knives are perfectly versatile for a variety of jobs in the kitchen. It’s worth noting – they’ll hold up just fine outside the kitchen as well. Y’know, for those of you who like to EDC your finest kitchen cutlery set. We know you’re out there, and we’re keeping you in mind. 

Warrior Poet Society teamed up with Italian knife maker Due Cigni to better outfit the warrior’s kitchen. Due Cigni has been producing superior kitchen knives, scissors, and saws for over hundred years – with all their products produced in the Italian knife capital of Maniago. Are your kitchen knives produced in the Italian knife capital of Maniago? Probably not. But they could be.

Small-batch production ensures the highest quality possible with every set made. It also means limited numbers/quantity, so get yours while they last.

steak knives box set