WPS Fox Folder Review

If you’re looking for the perfect 2021 Father’s Day folding blade, you could do much worse than the Italian handcrafted, American hand-tested, WPS Fox Folder

Created in small batches by Fox Italy, Italy’s oldest knifemaker and one of our favorite bladesmith partners, the WPS Fox Folder is a high-performance tactical tool that can also rest easy in the pocket for convenient carry and (relatively) quick deployment. 

With a G10 handle and N690Co ceramic-coated High Carbon Stainless Steel blade, the Fox Folder provides optimal strength and edge for a variety of jobs.  

wps fox folder punching

Unique Ergonomics for Unique Handling

Just as its name implies, it’s stealthy like a fox but can pack a mean punch–literally. It’s good for opening boxes and bad guys.

We intentionally chose the angle of this cutting tool to make it sit secure in the hand for jobs that require slicing or punching without the risk of slipping.

The G10 grip, the finger ring, and the blade-to-handle orientation make this a powerful weapon for blade boxing in close quarters.

Blade Length Makes it Perfect for Legal Pocket Carry 

There are some situations (and some state laws–like in California) that require a shorter blade and a folding knife to be legal. The Fox Folder provides the perfect combination of the two.

Alan Baker, a martial arts expert at the Atlanta Martial Arts Center (dozens of black belts and counting), approves of the Fox Folder as an EDC defensive implement.

“This shorter blade is perfect for a pummeling environment,” Alan said. “Shorter blades like this work better in a close contact situation–inside a car, trapped between the car and gas pump, or pinned against a car.

“In a grappling environment I can use this to manipulate and move limbs out of the way.”

Pros and Cons of the WPS Fox Folder Knife

warrior poet society fox folder knife

To sum it up, here are the benefits and trade offs of this exceptional pocket-carry EDC blade:


  • Convenient Carry – It can be carried in the pocket for everyday use and for defensive situations.
  • Extremely powerful punching tool – If violent defensive action ever became necessary, this would deliver a lot of force without hand slip.
  • Legal and Stealthy – The compact construction of this knife makes it legal in places where fixed blades or longer blades might not be.
  • Exceptional materials and a design for quick blade deployment – Though the Fox Folder is a folding knife, its mechanics and design make it faster than your average pocket carry.


  • Shorter blades have some drawbacks – The 3.25-inch blade won’t provide as much reach as longer versions.
  • Folders don’t deploy as quickly – Fixed blades will always win the game of speed.

Conclusions about the WPS Fox Folder knife

Obviously we wouldn’t have put the Warrior Poet Society stamp on a blade we wouldn’t proudly carry ourselves.

So if you’re looking for a good all around EDC defensive and utility tool, we recommend the WPS Fox Folder–for Father’s Day or any day.

Get your Fox Folder here on the Warrior Poet Supply Co. Store.