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I joined the USCCA and purchased their legal protection after months of consideration (and yes reluctance because I didn’t want to spend another dollar on even MORE insurance costs).

I wanted to jot down the criteria I used in making my decision to join USCCA and also why I decided to finally ante up and get CCW insurance.

Why did I join USCCA?

My friends at made this snazzy chart comparing the biggest carry insurance players. I felt the USCAA gave me the best bang for my buck. It was an additional bonus that they are doing a lot to advance firearms education, safety, and protect 2nd Amendment rights. Rock on USCCA!

If you aren’t going to go USCCA, I would recommend CCW Safe as an extremely attractive option as well. I almost went with them.

legal protection for concealed carry and home defense insurance

Cost of USCCA Carry Insurance

I thought it important to add, that USCCA has a Gold, Platinum, and Elite memberships that cost:

  • $247 per year for Gold (or $267 if you choose monthly payments of $22),
  • $347 per year for Platinum (or $360 if you choose monthly payments of $30), and
  • $497 per year for Elite (or $564 if you choose monthly payments of $47).

Additionally, I was able to add my wife on for between $50-$100 for the year (sorry I forgot the exact number, but I know it was cheap).

Why did I get CCW Insurance?

I personally think I spend way too much on insurance as it is: life insurance, health, car, home, work, etc., DO I REALLY NEED THIS?

Probably not, unless I do need it. Just like car insurance. For the same reason I have the other types of insurance, and because I carry a gun everyday, I cannot help but read the terrain.

Folks, we live in an age of lawyers.

This is an age of non-accountability.

One of the most surprising things I learned from a recent interview I had with renowned author and attorney Andrew Branca, is that you can be perfectly in the right, you still lose everything you’ve got. Consider this haunting quote from Branca’s famous book ‘The Law of Self Defense’:

“Beginning before the smoke has even cleared, the justice system kicks into gear like a massive steam-era machine, with monstrous gears and pistons, to evaluate your actions under a microscope and crush you for a misstep.”

It is very possible that you can bankrupt yourself simply proving your innocence in court. That’s jacked up. Horrifying. UNJUST. And yet, that’s the world we live in right now.


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