Holster Review for the T-Rex Arms Sidecar

T-Rex Arms Kydex Holster Review

I have a graveyard of holsters in my garage.

Within a special, unmarked box, lies all the holsters I thought were going to be good ideas, until experience showed me differently. The trouble with experience is that though it can be an effective teacher, it turns out to also be a very expensive one.

The T.Rex Arms ‘Sidecar’ holster was one of the first appendix holsters I really fell in love with. Though I currently carry the Tier 1 holster (see review) for my everyday carry, I still recommend the T.Rex Arms ‘Sidecar’ for concealed carry and the ‘Ragnarok’ for tacti-cool war belt fun. In all, I have 6 or 7 holsters made by T.Rex Arms to accommodate all kinds of setups (pistol lights, extra mags, different sized guns, etc.).

The Sidecar holster was far more comfortable than I imagined it would be. The angles of the kydex allow the holster to fall in the ‘right’ spots so sitting down and moving about is not uncomfortable. I do wish it had a flexible center, as my current setup has, however some people even prefer this more rigid setup.

The rig is also blazing-fast. The holster holds the gun up off the belt line for a very consistent and easy purchase on the grip. Furthermore, the two clip system keeps the holster from shifting which adds even more consistency for the initial purchase.

Finally I wanted to praise T.Rex Arms for making a holster that conceals so well. Oftentimes I can get away with just wearing a t-shirt over my concealed holster. The magic is not just in the angles of the holster, but also in the claw on the side that pushes the holster in when it interfaces with your belt.

If carrying concealed inside the waist band appendix (AWIB), I highly recommend this holster. Be sure to check out to see my current EDC setup here.