Tier 1 Concealed Kydex Holster

Meet my new EDC holster by Tier 1 Concealed. It is the ‘Agis’ and it is…kind of a big deal. Here’s why: Just like my prior EDC holster the angles are perfect. My Glock 19 with spare magazine has some bulk but the holster is cut in such a way that it is very comfortable — I simply forget I have it on. But let’s review the feature that is new to me (and frankly a game-changer). The Tier 1 Concealed Agis holster has a leather section with snaps running down the middle. This brilliant little piece of engineering does a few things for me: (1) it allows me to take off the magazine for even less bulk, (2) the flexible portion allows superior concealment, and (3) it is more comfortable than my prior holster.

Get yours here. Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome. Train hard. Train smart.


  1. CMcT 2 weeks ago

    How does this fair against the T-Rex Arms Appendix Holster? I have the T-Rex and while very comfortable, I have a hard time hiding the butt of my G19 under clothes. Does this AGIS help that any by not being as rigid of a design?

    • Author
      John 2 weeks ago

      Hides better for me

      • CMcT 2 weeks ago

        Awesome, buying one now. Thanks-

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