Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Holster

Tier 1 Concealed Kydex Holster

Meet my EDC Holster by Tier 1 Concealed

I carry a Glock 19 MOS in a Tier 1 Concealed ‘Agis’ holster for my everyday carry (EDC). This kydex holster is my favorite concealed carry holster to date for in the waistband appendix (AIWB) and there is good reason why. Just like my prior EDC holster the angles are perfect. My gun and spare magazine has some bulk but the holster is cut in such a way that it is very comfortable — I simply forget I have it on.

The Tier 1 holster comes in a few variations. The AGIS holster (shown above) has a leather piece with buttons which allows for easy separation if you want to carry without a spare magazine. The AXIS holster uses shock cord in the center instead so it maintains a flex, but the spare magazine holster is meant to be always left on. The AXIS is a little slimmer, so I prefer it over the AGIS, and I personally never care to remove the spare magazine.

The magic in the flexible center means that this concealed carry holster can flex with your body for improved comfort AND also conceal better than a rigid holster. A las on the side of the holster kicks the handle of your gun in so it contours closer to your body and eliminates obvious printing. If you are thinking ‘genius’, I couldn’t agree more. Good job guys.

If you are interested in getting a Tier 1 AGIS or AXIS, I’d recommend a mid-sweat guard cut.

Get yours HERE.

Also check out the Axis Elite Tier 1 Holster by Warrior Poet.

Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome!! Also, check out the video review I did on it below.

5 thoughts on “Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Holster”

  1. How does this fair against the T-Rex Arms Appendix Holster? I have the T-Rex and while very comfortable, I have a hard time hiding the butt of my G19 under clothes. Does this AGIS help that any by not being as rigid of a design?

  2. I’m 5’5″, a buck 40, I carry Colt Commander for edc. Do you think this package will work or be too bulky ? I realized for and comfort is very subjective but would certainly appreciate any ideas you have. Thank you in advance.

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