The Warrior Poet Society Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift (That’s Also For You)

Let’s face it. Without our mothers we wouldn’t be here. At all. Because of their love and dedication as the cornerstone of our families, we have families and communities worth loving and protecting. And that’s why this Mother’s Day we want to offer a few ways you can give back to your moms and the mother of your children with some gifts she might like–and maybe wouldn’t mind sharing. 

Mom’s Favorite EDC Kitchen Tool–The WPS Steak Destroyer

Moms will love these action-ready, Italian-crafted kitchen knives. In a giftable box set of four brilliant blades, these utensils are ready to transform any kitchen they call home. 

With stainless steel blades and rivets, the beautiful full-tang tools hold a lasting sheen that proudly bears the WPS logo. With a blade length of 4.13″ and an overall length of 8.66″, these knives are perfectly versatile for a variety of jobs in the kitchen. 

steak knife box set kitchen cutlery

It’s worth noting – they’ll hold up just fine outside the kitchen as well. Y’know, for those moms in your life who like to EDC their finest kitchen cutlery set. We know you’re out there, and we’re keeping you in mind.

Moms and wives have always been good at cutting through the bull, and now they’ll have a tool that’ll cut through everything else! Who knows! You might see her having so much fun you’ll want to get your own set of Destroyers! 

Moms Will Love ‘Riting Wrongs with the WPS Tactical Pen

No purse is complete without a steel-constructed writing implement to complement the EDC tactical tools for Mom’s on-the-go lifestyle. That’s why we also recommend the WPS Tactical Pen on this Mother’s Day.

tactical pen components laying on table

Here’s a few reasons we think you’ll love…I mean she’ll love…this remarkable “writing” tool:

  • It’s actually a pen and it writes beautifully, but its steel construction, tapered point, and tactical ergonomics make it perfect for piercing thoughts…and perps.
  • They’re TSA and Security safe, which means you’ll never be without a defensive option–even at 30,000 ft. “Oh that? It’s a pen. See? It writes.”
  • Maybe you can’t or don’t want to conceal carry. No problem. The WPS Tactical Pen provides you with a layer of protection that fits in pockets and purses for quick and easy list making and tactical preparation.
  • Seriously. Mom is walking through a parking lot with a “pen” in her hand. The throats, faces, and sternums of idiots everywhere can attest–tools like the WPS Tactical Pen are no fun on the receiving end of a well-trained woman.

We promise. You’ll want one, too.

Real Moms Love Warriors

The WPS Ethos Mug is the perfect way to enjoy your coffee this Mother’s Day and remember your calling to moms, children, and innocents in communities everywhere. In the words of the Athenian general and historian Thucydides (written on this mug):

“The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”

coffee mug warrior poet society

We wish you and the mothers in your life a good and happy Mother’s Day.