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Real World Combatives Training For Civilians

The effectiveness of your combatives skill set is only as good as your ability to deploy those skills in real world scenarios—when seconds and split-second reactions mean life or death. The ability to take defensive measures, deploy a weapon, and defend yourself, your wife, kids, and other innocents against surprise attack—this all requires well-trained reaction times. This is why Warrior Poet Society has developed the EDC Combatives – Force on Force training course working with Josh Griffiths, a current Special …

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Why We MISS IN FIGHTS but Not on the Range

A Theory on Why We Miss in Fights We were about to do some force-on-target runs in the shoot house, when I called my Room Clearing Class students around me and said, “Okay listen up! All of you are about to shoot your targets in the belly. I know you are good shooters, but it won’t matter. Everyone is about to shoot low. Prove me wrong.” It still did not matter. After watching the first 2 students go through the house, …

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