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Why We MISS IN FIGHTS but Not on the Range

A Theory on Why We Miss in Fights We were about to do some force-on-target runs in the shoot house, when I called my Room Clearing Class students around me and said, “Okay listen up! All of you are about to shoot your targets in the belly. I know you are good shooters, but it won’t matter. Everyone is about to shoot low. Prove me wrong.” It still did not matter. After watching the first 2 students go through the house, …

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Student Reviews our 1 Man Room Clearing Course

I was fortunate to attend my second Warrior Poet Society ‘WPS’ class with Instructor John Lovell earlier this month in Atlanta, GA. The following is a general overview of my experience in the class. Day One – 1 Man Room Clearing Course I have to tell you about the location for this class. It was at an old abandoned prison. Razor wire on the fences, bars, a guard house and solitary cells. It was a pretty cool place. Like something …

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