john lovell 7 popular gun myths

7 Anti-Gun Myths

Here is a question you may have based on the current gun discussions circulating in the media, and among U.S. politicians: “Are assault weapons a serious problem in the United States?” It’s an important question that surrounds the gun debate laws in our country, and one that requires knowledge and understanding. Let me clarify what is meant by “assault weapons.” Assault weapons are firearms that can fire multiple rounds of ammunition with one pull of the trigger. In other words, …

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John lovell with iwi tavor x95

IWI X95 Tavor Review

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re familiar with the versatile AR15. Chances are even good that you have shot an AR15 or own one as part of your personal arsenal. You probably also know that here at Warrior Poet, we are big proponents of the ArmaLite standard; however, this post is not about the standard issue AR15. Today we’re going to focus on the pros and cons of the Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI) X95 Tavor.  The IWI X95 …

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gun control sign in crowd or rally

How to Disarm America

To disarm America is to destroy the very foundation of freedom that our country was built upon. Because we have more guns than people, we are immediately, categorically different than how you disarm other countries. The 2nd amendment is wired into our core framework in the attitude of what it means to be an American. Free speech and the right to bear arms are our biggest backbone pieces. Our founders recognized that if you give people rights but you don’t …

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medical, medic, emergency medical, bandage, tccc, tactical combat casualty care, care under fire, combat, warrior, mindset

Medical Class with Doc T – Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Warrior Poet Society is now offering Emergency Medical courses taught by renowned medical professional Travis Hall, otherwise known as Doc T. These combat focused courses will walk through the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) or Care Under Fire mindset. The curriculum will also examine prolonged care situations in which responders cannot immediately get to you. In a firefight, there is much to be considered when attempting to treat a casualty of any severity level. Travis will break down these considerations …

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Why We Chose to Invest with Sentara | Financial Freedom

Invest, freedom, investment, finance, financial, portfolio, wealth, health, wellness, risk, future

With Covid-19 continuing to loom over us, financial freedom is something we’re frequently reminded to consider. There’s never been a better time to invest in the stock market. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity.

When you know that your investors share the same ideals as you, it makes handing over your hard-earned money a lot less stressful. That’s why Warrior Poet Society chose to invest with Sentara.

Invest in your values.

Sentara’s hands-on approach allows you to carefully customize a portfolio to reflect your unique risk profile. They also diversify a curated stock selection from specific companies that are pro-capitalist, pro-military, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-freedom.

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Battle Belt and War Belt with inner velcro belt and MOLLE webbing

Blue Alpha Belt – BEST IN CLASS for Range and Duty Use

Blue Alpha Belt – Tactical Belt for Military, LE, and Range Use Here is my #1 pick for the best tactical belt out there: The Blue Alpha Double Rig Belt. The magic of this tactical belt is that it allows you to have the load bearing capability of the bigger battle belts while still maintaining the low-profile design of a smaller duty belt. If you would like to see a video review of the belt, scroll down. Here’s the magic …

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Best way to prepare for the Military

How to Prepare for the Military

Advice from a former Army Ranger I remember this ‘foggy distress‘ as I was trying to figure out how to prepare for the military. It was this dread over the unknown. I remember being desperate for tricks and tips on how to prepare for basic training. I eagerly soaked up every piece of advice from veteran’s that I could find. This article is the stuff I wish they had told me. After much reflection on my journey to become an …

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