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The Violence of Krav Maga with Marcus Torgerson

In the world of martial arts there’s a lot to choose from and it’s all about picking what works best for you. For Marcus Torgerson, the Israeli military’s Krav Maga system provides the exact down and dirty techniques necessary to defend and escape in a dangerous situation.   Our friend Clint Emerson, New York Times best-selling author of 100 Deadly Skills and Escape the Wolf, met with Marcus to learn some basic Krav Maga movements and mindsets for de-escalating and escaping …

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USCCA Review | Why I got Carry Insurance

Learn More About the USCCA Become a USCCA Instructor I joined the USCCA after months of consideration (and yes reluctance because I didn’t want to spend another dollar on things I already knew or would never need). Since that time I’ve continued to be impressed with the USCCA and decided to become an affiliate partner. Why did I join USCCA? We all know that being prepared to use a firearm means so much more than just buying a gun and …

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Should You Get Concealed Carry Insurance?

Expert Self Defense Lawyer Andrew Branca Answers Should you get concealed carry insurance in case you need to defend yourself with a gun? If so, which CCW insurance is the right call for you? I recently interviewed expert self defense lawyer Andrew Branca to help me answer these questions. Branca is the author of The Law of Self Defense and has been a lawyer for 25 years. He is also a Master competitive shooter, a former student of Massad Ayoob, …

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