Streaming Service on iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

The Warrior Poet Society NETWORK

The Warrior Poet Society Network is a full streaming service on iOs, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. This network if for premium content for those interested in self-defense, firearms, masculinity, humor, family, politics, martial arts, knives, fitness, and much more! Some of the content will be shows, but you will also be able to get full training classes, never before released. SIGN UP! The host, John Lovell is a former Army Ranger who travels the United States …

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active shooter training

Countering the Active Shooter | Preparation and Online Training

Enough is Enough If you are as fed-up with active shooters (or better said, ‘active murderers’) as I am then pretty words and heart-felt condolences are simply not enough anymore. Talk is cheap and feelings don’t save lives. I want action. I want an armed, trained, and willing populace to be ready to meet these cowardly killers whenever and wherever they present themselves. The active shooter presents us with some unique challenges that requires some education if we want to …

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Lantac LA-SF15 UTP AR Pistol with Lantac Dragon Brake

Lantac AR-15 | The FLATTEST shooting gun I own

Premium quality at a huge discount. The Lantac LA-SF15 is my new favorite AR-15. I have been teaching rifle classes with it around the country, using it in videos, and putting thousands of rounds through it during range practice. It is without question the flattest shooting gun I own. The action is smooth, the barrel is dead-on accurate, and I have a discount code that makes this gun an amazing deal. Keep reading, I’m not giving up the ghost in …

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force on force training home defense

Why We MISS IN FIGHTS but Not on the Range

A Theory on Why We Miss in Fights We were about to do some force-on-target runs in the shoot house, when I called my Room Clearing Class students around me and said, “Okay listen up! All of you are about to shoot your targets in the belly. I know you are good shooters, but it won’t matter. Everyone is about to shoot low. Prove me wrong.” It still did not matter. After watching the first 2 students go through the house, …

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Gunfighter Reviews John Wick 2

I am a full-time tactics and firearms instructor, and as such, I am constantly asked by friends and family what I thought of the latest and greatest new action movie. I have to say that the first of the John Wick movies caught me off guard. You see, I am the guy who ruins action movies for my friends and family. I’m not trying to be a tactics snob or a kill-joy by any means, but I have a sneaking …

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John Lovell the Warrior Poet

Why I Started the Warrior Poet Society

I started the Warrior Poet Society because I looked at the gun industry and found no place for myself, and I thought it odd because all I do for work is teach people gunfighting. I’m a full-time tactics instructor, former Army Ranger, and war vet, and how IS IT that I do not fit into the gun industry? This is what I see of the ‘gun industry’, I typically encounter this superficial male egotism – a war-mongering bravado that promulgates the …

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