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Why You Should Stockpile These 5 Calibers of Ammunition

If you’re wondering whether you should stockpile ammunition in your home and personal defense arsenal, the answer is “YES”. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to risk a personal shortage of ammo if the 2nd Amendment comes under heavy attack and laws start prohibiting guns and rounds in your area. There’s other important reasons, too. Guns and ammo are stable currency. If a shortage hits, not only are you protected but you now have a stable, nearly recession-proof currency of …

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Keeping Kids Safe in a Home with Guns

We’ve probably all heard the tragic stories of children getting their hands on guns and the nightmare scenarios that result from that. This is no joke. Things can turn very badly very quickly if your guns aren’t treated with the respect they deserve. But all of this can be avoided! There are countless families who have successfully maintained guns at home safely, securely yet ready when needed. And that’s what we’re talking about today. Here are some tried and true …

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family home defense father daughter rifle training

Getting the Family on Board with Home Defense

Small steps can take you a long way in preparing your family and loved ones for self defense, home defense, and other tactical emergencies.  I have very little doubt that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve given some thought to how you’ll defend your home in the event of a home invasion or other tactical scenario.  Here’s the problem I’m seeing–we’ll get training for ourselves,  get the guns and tools and be ready to use them, but our families don’t …

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Principled Aggression with Dom Raso

Former SEAL Team Six operator Dom Raso knows the real-world application of the defense techniques he teaches others through Dynamis Alliance. His company trains and equips individuals in battle-tested skills that can help defend against real-world threats to you and those you love.  Our friend Clint Emerson, New York Times best-selling author of 100 Deadly Skills and Escape the Wolf, met with Dom to learn how we can train ourselves to make his techniques a natural response against attackers. Dom …

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Level III + PA Body Armor Plate Multicurve

The Duritium Level III + PA body armor plate by SureStop is one of the best poly plates money can buy – for no shortage of good reasons. Let’s start with the whopping 15-year warranty these plates come with. Compare that with the standard 5-year warranty on most polyethylene plates and you’re looking at 3 times the coverage. Body armor is an investment you don’t want to have to be concerned with replacing every few years. These plates afford you …

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Streaming Service on iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

The Warrior Poet Society NETWORK

The Warrior Poet Society Network is a full streaming service on iOs, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. This network if for premium content for those interested in self-defense, firearms, masculinity, humor, family, politics, martial arts, knives, fitness, and much more! Some of the content will be shows, but you will also be able to get full training classes, never before released. SIGN UP! The host, John Lovell is a former Army Ranger who travels the United States …

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The 4 Worst Home Security Mistakes

Home Security | Mindset, Habits, & Tools It’s fairly easy to avoid committing some major security mistakes. It starts with thinking a little different, forming some good habits, and buying a few upgrades. Here’s a list to guide you through getting a lot of security for not much cost or effort. 1. Think bad guys only come after midnight Most burglaries happen in the middle of the day. The FBI estimates that 65% of burglaries happen between 6am – 6pm. Door …

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AR pistol CMMG home defense gun

Our Home Defense Gun

CMMG Mk4 AR-15 Pistol in 5.56mm This CMMG Mk4 AR-15 pistol has been our home defense gun for about the past year, and the rationale that drove us to this gun might surprise you. Check out below for the 3 big reasons why this, of all my AR-15s, has become our home defense gun. Short and Light. The Mrs. Loves it. Don’t you know you should fit your home defense gun to the weakest shooter in the house?! The shorter …

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NIGHTLOCK door brace for home security


A Must-have for Home Security In many home defense scenarios, the thing we need most is NOT another box of ammunition or 1 more gun — it is time.  I use the NIGHTLOCK Door Brace to this end, and I suggest you get one or more for your family. I’ve written before about early warning devices like alarm systems, and video cameras, but your home really needs something that keeps intruders out (not just warns you that they are already there). …

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DIY Blink Security Cameras

Wireless is not my first option for security cameras. I like the good ole’ cable systems with a DVR and cameras galore, but at the same time I think it’s important to note that everyone is not going to ‘go all out’ and get such a system. That is where Blink security cameras come on. What draws me to the Blink Security Cameras is the incredible simplicity, low relative cost, the very quick install that nearly anyone could handle, and it …

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