john lovell 7 popular gun myths

7 Anti-Gun Myths

Here is a question you may have based on the current gun discussions circulating in the media, and among U.S. politicians: “Are assault weapons a serious problem in the United States?” It’s an important question that surrounds the gun debate laws in our country, and one that requires knowledge and understanding. Let me clarify what is meant by “assault weapons.” Assault weapons are firearms that can fire multiple rounds of ammunition with one pull of the trigger. In other words, …

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gun control sign in crowd or rally

How to Disarm America

To disarm America is to destroy the very foundation of freedom that our country was built upon. Because we have more guns than people, we are immediately, categorically different than how you disarm other countries. The 2nd amendment is wired into our core framework in the attitude of what it means to be an American. Free speech and the right to bear arms are our biggest backbone pieces. Our founders recognized that if you give people rights but you don’t …

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Craig Douglas SouthNarc ECQC class

Who is Craig Douglas of ShivWorks?

Craig Douglas, aka SouthNarc I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Craig Douglas, aka “SouthNarc”. Before I go into our time together, allow me to introduce SouthNarc himself. Craig Douglas is a former Army Ranger, and a 21 year law enforcement veteran. As a cop, Douglas spent considerable time doing dangerous undercover narcotics work as well as time on the SWAT team. It was from his undercover work where Douglas started to be called SouthNarc — a …

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