g19x review with slide work and mods

Custom Slide Work & Pistol Modifications | Trident Defense

Custom Slide Work Recommendation If you are wanting to upgrade your pistol with some custom slide or frame work, I use and recommend Trident Defense. The bad news is that if you suck at shooting, making some sexy cuts in your gun is not going to turn you into Shane Coley. There are however some simple modifications that can improve the functionality of your gun. If not improve — then at least your gun will be easier on the eyes. …

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which AR15 should I get

Warrior Poet Recommended Guns

Before any of you gun enthusiasts FREAK OUT because your favorite gun is not on this list, please understand I’m trying to keep my recommended guns as simple as I can. I am not a collector. I am a protector. Check out the video below to understand my philosophy on buying guns and why your favorite gun may be absent (which doesn’t mean your gun sucks by the way). My Everyday Carry Pistols WAR POET PISTOL – This is OUR …

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