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The Most Dangerous Man in the Room

I realize there’s a lot of debate out there about how to appear like a hard target to a would-be assailant, so I wanted to address what I think makes you the most dangerous man in the room when it comes people who want to do harm. Let me start with a story about a man named Tony Lopez.  Tony Lopez was the Spanish teacher in my high school, he coached the girl’s soccer team, and when you looked at …

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Getting the Family on Board with Home Defense

Small steps can take you a long way in preparing your family and loved ones for self defense, home defense, and other tactical emergencies.  I have very little doubt that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve given some thought to how you’ll defend your home in the event of a home invasion or other tactical scenario.  Here’s the problem I’m seeing–we’ll get training for ourselves,  get the guns and tools and be ready to use them, but our families don’t …

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The World Needs Dangerous Men

A fearful world needs more dangerous, capable men. Not less. I have a real gripe. I’m really tired of the war waged on men and masculinity. The world needs masculine men. Dangerous men.   But let me define what I’m talking about when I use the word “dangerous,” because there’s a right kind of dangerous and a wrong kind of dangerous.  Dangerous convicted felon = Bad   Dangerous special operations guy = Good The kind of dangerous men I’m talking about are …

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The Violence of Krav Maga with Marcus Torgerson

In the world of martial arts there’s a lot to choose from and it’s all about picking what works best for you. For Marcus Torgerson, the Israeli military’s Krav Maga system provides the exact down and dirty techniques necessary to defend and escape in a dangerous situation.   Our friend Clint Emerson, New York Times best-selling author of 100 Deadly Skills and Escape the Wolf, met with Marcus to learn some basic Krav Maga movements and mindsets for de-escalating and escaping …

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concealed carry mindset with Corinne Mosher

3 Techniques Predators Use to Hunt Women | by Corinne Mosher

Concealed Carry Mindset with Corinne Mosher by: Corinne Mosher Most members of the public are more motivated to capture the next viral video then to drop their cell phones and render assistance in an emergency. Combine this with the proliferation of video surveillance in our society and unfortunately – or fortunately – those that study what “real world” violence looks like have endless footage of crimes available to them with a few strokes of a keyboard and a wifi password. …

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Why We MISS IN FIGHTS but Not on the Range

A Theory on Why We Miss in Fights We were about to do some force-on-target runs in the shoot house, when I called my Room Clearing Class students around me and said, “Okay listen up! All of you are about to shoot your targets in the belly. I know you are good shooters, but it won’t matter. Everyone is about to shoot low. Prove me wrong.” It still did not matter. After watching the first 2 students go through the house, …

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overcome fear and anxiety

Fighter Mindset: Deadly FEAR TRAPS

When Fear Overcomes Us Overwhelming fear can cloud out all reason, turn our legs to concrete, and turn our hearts to stone. I’m talking about excessive fear. I’m talking about HORROR. Many folks never actually experience this all-consuming fear, and so it is important we understand some of the mental traps that fear can force us into. Our hope is that we can overcome our fear, but sometimes our fear will overcome us. In life or death situations, being overcome …

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Skill Counts for Little, Courage Tells All

If you lack this one thing, then none of your guns, ammunition, plans, or training can help you. If you fail at this one thing, then the battle is already lost. This indispensable thing is courage. Fear can cause all of our good planning and all the musings of what we thought we might’ve done or should’ve done, to go out the window. People who thought they would charge a threat, or flank and counterattack, instead freeze, unable to process or …

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