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WPS Titan EDC Belt by Nexbelt

The Titan Gun Belt by Nexbelt combines a heavy duty ratcheting buckle design with durable strap materials to make one of the most reliable EDC belts on the market. Nexbelt didn’t cut any corners with this design. The ratcheting buckle makes it easy to quickly and discretely make adjustments while transitioning between seated and standing positions. While pin buckles offer only 1” adjustment increments, Nexbelt’s PreciseFit allows for ¼” adjustments. Whether you are adjusting for a holster or the 3-course …

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which AR15 should I get

Warrior Poet Recommended Guns

Before any of you gun enthusiasts FREAK OUT because your favorite gun is not on this list, please understand I’m trying to keep my recommended guns as simple as I can. I am not a collector. I am a protector. Check out the video below to understand my philosophy on buying guns and why your favorite gun may be absent (which doesn’t mean your gun sucks by the way). My Everyday Carry Pistols WAR POET PISTOL – This is OUR …

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Everyday carry for concealed carry with kydex holster

Everyday Carry of the Warrior Poet

John Lovell breaks out his Everyday Carry I’m one for being prepared, but I’m also not living a pipe dream where I think Shredder and his Footclan are about to try to Ninja me and the family. My everyday carry (EDC) is therefore a balance of preparedness and comfort. Comfort, in my opinion has slowly become the most important fact of everyday carry that I preach. I’ve seen it too often. People who are getting into carrying concealed get excited …

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RATs Tourniquet for Everyday Carry

RATs Tourniquets for EDC

Must-have EDC Tourniquet I carry tourniquets everywhere because (1) the world seems to be getting worse with all the terrorist attacks and active shooter incidents happening, and (2) accidents happen. Now, with the RATs tourniquet, I have a no-bulk solution for Everyday Carry (EDC). Many of you want to be ready to rescue folks in need. I usually carry the CAT tourniquet on my tactical gear, in my car, and in my EDC bag, but for carrying on my person …

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Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Holster

Meet my EDC Holster by Tier 1 Concealed I carry a Glock 19 MOS in a Tier 1 Concealed ‘Agis’ holster for my everyday carry (EDC). This kydex holster is my favorite concealed carry holster to date for in the waistband appendix (AIWB) and there is good reason why. Just like my prior EDC holster the angles are perfect. My gun and spare magazine has some bulk but the holster is cut in such a way that it is very …

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