ammunition calibers

Why You Should Stockpile These 5 Calibers of Ammunition

If you’re wondering whether you should stockpile ammunition in your home and personal defense arsenal, the answer is “YES”. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to risk a personal shortage of ammo if the 2nd Amendment comes under heavy attack and laws start prohibiting guns and rounds in your area. There’s other important reasons, too. Guns and ammo are stable currency. If a shortage hits, not only are you protected but you now have a stable, nearly recession-proof currency of …

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Soldiers leaving Afghanistan

What the Taliban Takeover Means

The fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, August 14, marks the beginning of dark days for a country and region, and the end of a two-decades-long climb toward freedom. It destabilizes peace and freedom everywhere and weakens America’s presence in the world. John Lovell talks about the consequences of this deplorable decision. The senseless deaths last week of 13 U.S. Marines at the hands of a suicide bomb attack does not in any way diminish the immense courage and legacy of these …

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emergency bug out bag family survival gear

James Yeager’s Ultimate Family GO Bag

The ultimate GO bag is a prepper’s dream, and there are probably as many opinions about these grab-and-go survival kits as there are preppers who dream of them. Recently we visited with James Yeager of Tactical Response to get his take on what goes into the bugout bags he prepares for his family (grandchildren included) and why.  “In a crisis it would be nice to be able to stay at home without someone trying to burn your house down to …

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