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USCCA Review | Why I got Carry Insurance

Learn More About the USCCA Become a USCCA Instructor I joined the USCCA after months of consideration (and yes reluctance because I didn’t want to spend another dollar on things I already knew or would never need). Since that time I’ve continued to be impressed with the USCCA and decided to become an affiliate partner. Why did I join USCCA? We all know that being prepared to use a firearm means so much more than just buying a gun and …

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Should You Get Concealed Carry Insurance?

Expert Self Defense Lawyer Andrew Branca Answers Should you get concealed carry insurance in case you need to defend yourself with a gun? If so, which CCW insurance is the right call for you? I recently interviewed expert self defense lawyer Andrew Branca to help me answer these questions. Branca is the author of The Law of Self Defense and has been a lawyer for 25 years. He is also a Master competitive shooter, a former student of Massad Ayoob, …

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