tier 1 axis elite agis appendix pistol holster

The Most Effective Appendix Holsters in the World

There’s absolutely no doubt that the way you carry your firearm has a huge impact on how effectively you can deploy your weapon when it really matters. If speed is what you’re after with your concealed carry draw–and I assume it is–then appendix carry is hands-down your best option. Of course, drawing from appendix (or ankle/3 o’clock/4 o’clock) can be dangerous. Therefore, proper equipment and training are vital to doing this safely before you go quick draw McGraw and shoot …

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Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Holster

Meet my EDC Holster by Tier 1 Concealed I carry a Glock 19 MOS in a Tier 1 Concealed ‘Agis’ holster for my everyday carry (EDC). This kydex holster is my favorite concealed carry holster to date for in the waistband appendix (AIWB) and there is good reason why. Just like my prior EDC holster the angles are perfect. My gun and spare magazine has some bulk but the holster is cut in such a way that it is very …

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