john lovell shooting rifle ar-15

How To Shoot an AR-15/M-4 Carbine

Maybe you learned to shoot on hunting trips or at the firing range with friends, but this is tactical shooting—when speed counts and targets shoot back. Here are some of the keys to breaking bad habits and starting some new ones with your AR-15 or M-4 Carbine. #1: Develop a Squared Off Rifle Stance Anytime I’m teaching someone to shoot for tactical scenarios, I start off by tracking and breaking some common habits picked up along the way. I don’t …

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Lantac LA-SF15 UTP AR Pistol with Lantac Dragon Brake

Lantac AR-15 | The FLATTEST shooting gun I own

Premium quality at a huge discount. The Lantac LA-SF15 is my new favorite AR-15. I have been teaching rifle classes with it around the country, using it in videos, and putting thousands of rounds through it during range practice. It is without question the flattest shooting gun I own. The action is smooth, the barrel is dead-on accurate, and I have a discount code that makes this gun an amazing deal. Keep reading, I’m not giving up the ghost in …

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AR pistol CMMG home defense gun

Our Home Defense Gun

CMMG Mk4 AR-15 Pistol in 5.56mm This CMMG Mk4 AR-15 pistol has been our home defense gun for about the past year, and the rationale that drove us to this gun might surprise you. Check out below for the 3 big reasons why this, of all my AR-15s, has become our home defense gun. Short and Light. The Mrs. Loves it. Don’t you know you should fit your home defense gun to the weakest shooter in the house?! The shorter …

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which AR15 should I get

Warrior Poet Recommended Guns

Before any of you gun enthusiasts FREAK OUT because your favorite gun is not on this list, please understand I’m trying to keep my recommended guns as simple as I can. I am not a collector. I am a protector. Check out the video below to understand my philosophy on buying guns and why your favorite gun may be absent (which doesn’t mean your gun sucks by the way). My Everyday Carry Pistols WAR POET PISTOL – This is OUR …

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pmag accessories by magpul industries

Ranger Plates & MagPods for PMAGs

LOOK! Little Shoes for Your AR-15 Magazines Yes, yes, I know, Ranger Plates and MagPods are simply adorable. Besides this obvious fact though, these AR-15 magazine accessories serve some pretty cool purposes. They give you a more stable shooting platform in magazine supported firing positions, they increase your purchase area when you go to draw a magazine, and they provide a way to stylishly mark magazines. Scroll down for purchase links and for a video on these PMAG accessories. The …

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Hedge on the AR-15 & the 2nd Amendment

So call me pessimistic…but after every mass shooting, I fear some piece of late-night, sneak-attack legislation taking away a piece of my 2nd Amendment. Of course I grieve those tragically lost at the hands of these scum-bag terrorists, but I also can’t help seeing the political opportunists making power plays. I think the discerning gun owner should hedge their bets on the AR-15 and the 2nd Amendment by buying AR-15 lower receivers, magazines, and ammunition. If a sudden ban on …

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budget friendly AR15 build with accessories

AR-15 Setup on a Budget

Budget-Friendly AR-15 Setup I would prefer to tell you to just get the high-end awesome stuff. It works better and is more reliable, but wow, the good stuff can get really expensive. So, I set out to pull together a respectable looking budget AR-15 setup with optic, irons, light, and sling for $800. I bought a Palmetto State Armory (PSA) because so many people buy them and ask me questions via my social media channels, and I found a $500 deal on …

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