ammunition calibers

Why You Should Stockpile These 5 Calibers of Ammunition

If you’re wondering whether you should stockpile ammunition in your home and personal defense arsenal, the answer is “YES”. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to risk a personal shortage of ammo if the 2nd Amendment comes under heavy attack and laws start prohibiting guns and rounds in your area. There’s other important reasons, too. Guns and ammo are stable currency. If a shortage hits, not only are you protected but you now have a stable, nearly recession-proof currency of …

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Pistol shooting at gun range with instructor

50 Round Pistol Drills with Paul Perkerson and John Lovell

How do you maximize your training during an ammunition shortage? Dry fire. The end. Stop reading. You know everything now.   Yes, John and I know that dry fire should be the cornerstone of your training whether there is an ammunition shortage or not. The thing is – telling you to dry fire makes for a short read, a really lame video, and is about as helpful as telling someone who wants to run a 5 minute mile to just run …

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Fiocchi ammo 55 gr FMJ 5.56 .223

Fiocchi USA Ammunition

Fiocchi USA Ammo Straight to the point: I want ammunition that costs less, and performs flawlessly. Yes, you can ‘have your cake and eat it too’ with Fiocchi USA ammo. I get consistent performance in my rounds, I personally never see any stoppages due to the ammo, the ammo burns clean, and though it’s a bit silly — I’ve really grown to like the aesthetics of the gold tip round which cleanly matches up with the brass casing. I shoot …

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