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The 5 Essential Steps for New Gun Owners

There’s a lot of scary stuff happening around the world, and a lot of people are going out and buying guns for home and self defense and in response to threats to 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately, more guns in circulation doesn’t automatically mean people are suddenly more secure and ready to defend their homes. Owning a gun and knowing how to tactically deploy your firearm are two very different things, so I just wanted to provide a roadmap from 30,000 …

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How to Disarm America

To disarm America is to destroy the very foundation of freedom that our country was built upon. Because we have more guns than people, we are immediately, categorically different than how you disarm other countries. The 2nd amendment is wired into our core framework in the attitude of what it means to be an American. Free speech and the right to bear arms are our biggest backbone pieces. Our founders recognized that if you give people rights but you don’t …

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legal defense for concealed carry

USCCA Review | Why I got Carry Insurance

Learn More About the USCCA Become a USCCA Instructor I joined the USCCA after months of consideration (and yes reluctance because I didn’t want to spend another dollar on things I already knew or would never need). Since that time I’ve continued to be impressed with the USCCA and decided to become an affiliate partner. Why did I join USCCA? We all know that being prepared to use a firearm means so much more than just buying a gun and …

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Hedge on the AR-15 & the 2nd Amendment

So call me pessimistic…but after every mass shooting, I fear some piece of late-night, sneak-attack legislation taking away a piece of my 2nd Amendment. Of course I grieve those tragically lost at the hands of these scum-bag terrorists, but I also can’t help seeing the political opportunists making power plays. I think the discerning gun owner should hedge their bets on the AR-15 and the 2nd Amendment by buying AR-15 lower receivers, magazines, and ammunition. If a sudden ban on …

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