SureFire EDC Flashlights & Weapon Lights

Reliability. Durability. Performance.

SureFire EDC flashlights and weapon lights have set my standard of reliability in flashlights for over 20 years. And…now I feel super old.

Yes, there are cheaper options, but when I want to KNOW FOR SURE that my stuff is going to work, SureFire is the way to go. They served me well when I was overseas in the military and still to this day as a civilian.surefire x300u pistol light 1000 lumen

Flashlights are not the only thing SureFire makes extremely well though. I also give the highest praise for SureFire suppressors (silencers), and their flash hiders and muzzle brakes. Whether your context is competitive shooting, military, outdoors, everyday carry, or law enforcement — SureFire is the reliable way to go.

Brighter, better, baller.

When it comes to light output, SureFire has the competition in a stranglehold. These products put out serious illumination.

SureFire handheld flashlight 500 lumenTake their Stiletto LED flashlight for example. A multi-output, rechargeable, handheld light with a slim design that allows it to be drawn as fast as a knife. Output ranges from either 5, 250, or 650 lumens of white light.

SureFire does more than pack power into their inventory – they throw in some really useful features on top. The Stiletto has a tactical switch for an optional high-frequency strobe that can be leveraged in a fight. It’s also got an LED fuel gauge so you never have to worry about losing track of battery charge/discharge. IPX7 waterproofing and a cost-effective lithium polymer battery are a few more reasons why I carry my Stiletto with me everyday.

Best-in-class Suppressors / Silencers

In my experience, people don’t know what they’re looking for when it comes to suppressors (silencers). Many think it’s really just about being really quiet, but this is really just part of the story (and know that a 5.56 round can never be very quiet)!

SureFire Silencer for 5.56 AR15 with Warcomp

When I’m selecting a suppressor I’m weighing the following criteria: noise level, accuracy shifts, quick detach, longevity, size, weight, and light emission. NO SUPPRESSOR does all of these things perfectly, but what I find is that SureFire makes a great ‘all around’ suppressor.

I particularly love the quick detach ability to go with their awesome Warcomp muzzle device. Why is it awesome?? Well I’m glad you asked! The SureFire Warcomp blends a flash hider with a compensator extremely well. I don’t think anyone has accomplished this as well as SureFire. That’s high praise folks.

Their SOCOM series suppressors were pitted against the rigorous testing of the US Special Operations Command. The result? SureFire dominated the competition in every aspect of durability and performance. The SOCOM series delivers unparalleled sound attenuation and a huge reduction in dust and flash signature. These silencers also have an internal baffling design that reduces back pressure to increase accuracy and reduce sound.

Support SureFire, support America.

SureFire designs and builds their products right here in the U.S.A.  The components, materials, and labor involved are also sourced from the U.S. That means American engineers are playing a pivotal role in the creation of SureFire’s gear. Beyond these engineers, SureFire employs hundreds of other hardworking Americans to assemble and distribute their products to the rest of us.

It’s evident that this company is proud to serve those who willingly put themselves in harm’s way. Because I know SureFire supports people like me, I feel good supporting them.

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