The World Needs Dangerous Men

A fearful world needs more dangerous, capable men. Not less.

I have a real gripe. I’m really tired of the war waged on men and masculinity. The world needs masculine men. Dangerous men.  

But let me define what I’m talking about when I use the word “dangerous,” because there’s a right kind of dangerous and a wrong kind of dangerous. 

  • Dangerous convicted felon = Bad  
  • Dangerous special operations guy = Good

The kind of dangerous men I’m talking about are not feared by their wives or children or friends. They’re not beating up on anyone weaker than them. Instead, real men, dangerous men, are loving protectors. They’re warrior poets.

They’re both gentle and ferocious, kind and brutal, and the innocent don’t need to fear them because the innocent thrive under their protection and provision. Sadly, though, society is increasingly extolling the virtues of weakness and threatening the innate goodness of strong, disciplined, caring, dangerous men. 

A Society of Weak Men = Death of a Civilization

Here is one reason good, dangerous men have gotten a bad rap: weak, fearful, angry, or desperate men have used violent means to experience moments of control and power. Because of these trash humans, some people in our society have come to the horribly incorrect conclusion that no man should be dangerous.

But the dangerous men I’m talking to right now are actually the only defense our society has against the weak human debris who will shoot up a school or beat his wife and kids. 

A nation cannot stand long if men are taught to be weak and passive. We’ve seen history affirm this throughout the ages as an increasingly genteel and civilized people are utterly crushed–by the Vikings, Barbarians, the Romans, The Third Reich, the Caliphate, Etc. 

Dangerous Men Help Society Survive and Thrive

If you’ve ever seen the movie “300” or read about the history of the Battle of Thermopylae, then you have a picture of how a few determined, well-trained, and dangerous men can protect a society against extinction. When droves of Persians threatened their country, these few good men stood their ground and fought ferociously.

As a tyrannical army invades, you need deadly, disciplined Spartan men guarding your gates, because without these dangerous men of war, you wouldn’t have a nation and certainly no freedom.

Now, feeble, soft-feet men with delicate feelings can scream arm and arm alongside hysterical feminists, and they can tell the world of men to become more like women. But I’m a man, and I will not be persuaded. You can cry all you want, but you won’t be able to force me to change. 

It’s okay to be manly. It’s okay to be dangerous. In fact, we absolutely NEED manly, dangerous, capable men–warrior poets–if we’re going to survive and thrive in this and future generations.

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