Warrior Poet Recommended Guns

Before any of you gun enthusiasts FREAK OUT because your favorite gun is not on this list, please understand I’m trying to keep my recommended guns as simple as I can. I am not a collector. I am a protector. Check out the video below to understand my philosophy on buying guns and why your favorite gun may be absent (which doesn’t mean your gun sucks by the way).

My Everyday Carry Pistols

  • WAR POET PISTOL – This is OUR gun built by Shadow Systems. If you are looking to upgrade your stock Glock 19, you will eventually spend more than if you had just got this gun with all of it’s awesomeness. It is the ideal gun for me and can be bought already with an optic on it. Use code WARPOET at checkout to save some money.
  • SIG 365 – I know, I know, I had resolved to stay with my Glock 43, but tastes change! I simply could no longer ignore the added round capacity of this gun over the Glock 43 and I like the other features as well. Here’s a video on the gun.

Pistols I Really Like but Don’t Carry

  • GLOCK 19 MOS – To start the list of my recommended guns, I go to my trusty EDC Glock 19 MOS gen 4. It is a part of me. Like a really gnarly skin growth I can take off and fight with.
  • GLOCK 43 – The 9mm Glock 43 is my wife’s everyday carry gun, and my carry gun when I’m dressed up snazzy with a tucked in shirt. I usually ankle carry this gun.
  • SMITH and WESSON M&P 2.0
  • CZ P10c – If I wasn’t carrying Glock, I would likely be carrying this gun because it is awesome and it will fit most of my Glock holsters.
  • Other – Fill in whatever pistol you are so pumped up about that it is personally offensive to you that it is not on this list. For the sake of peace….”yes, wow, oh boy, that gun is amazing.” #IamHilarious

AR-15 – Recommended Guns

  • LANTAC – This is the AR I’m currently using to teach classes with. It is an awesome gun and carries a 20% off discount when you use the code WARPOET at checkout. Here’s a video on the Lantac AR-15.
  • BCM RECCE RIFLE – I love Bravo Company AR-15 rifles with both the 14.5″ or 16″ (with preferably an M-LOK rail). If you think you may ever want to swap out muzzle devices, go with the 16″.
  • DANIEL DEFENSE RIFLE – This has been my old faithful for many years. I’d go for an M-LOK rail in either a v7 or v11 so I can have rail space for goodies.

Low to Mid-Range AR-15s for Stock Piling

  • COLT AR-15 RIFLE – Colts have a solid name and a ton of data for long-term reliability. It’s hard to go wrong with a Colt.
  • PALMETTO STATE AR-15 – Palmetto State Rifles are a very inexpensive option that still maintains reliability. It isn’t nearly as fancy as the BCM and Daniel Defense rifles, but it will get the job done.
  • PALMETTO STATE LOWER – This is just a very inexpensive AR-15 lower receiver. By getting these, you can stockpile the one part of the gun that is considered ‘the gun’, so that you can complete the build later even if there was some ban on AR-15 guns but not on AR-15 parts. If you are going to skimp somewhere on an AR-15, let it be on the lower receiver while getting better parts for the upper receiver, barrel, and bolt carrier group (BCG).

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  1. I have a Glock 19 Gen 4, a M&P 2.0 full size, and a M&P shield. For some reason I can shoot both M&P’s far better than my Glock. I have dumped a lot of money trying to make it more accurate. New sights, new trigger being the the biggest. Yet I am way more accurate shooting my M&P pistols. I should say that I’m not talking about missing the target. I just can’t shoot my Glock anywhere as close as accurate as my M&P pistols. I’m to the point that I’m going to just stop messing with the Glock and just focus on the M&Ps. I can’t figure out why my Glock is not more accurate.

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