RATs Tourniquets for EDC

Must-have EDC Tourniquet

I carry tourniquets everywhere because (1) the world seems to be getting worse with all the terrorist attacks and active shooter incidents happening, and (2) accidents happen. Now, with the RATs tourniquet, I have a no-bulk solution for Everyday Carry (EDC).

Many of you want to be ready to rescue folks in need. I usually carry the CAT tourniquet on my tactical gear, in my car, and in my EDC bag, but for carrying on my person I find the CAT tourniquet too bulky.

The RATs tourniquet has plenty of real-world saves, it works on small kids, the elderly, and even on dogs (unlike some other tourniquet options), and it costs considerably less (about $16).

Furthermore (and this is the real kicker for me), this tourniquet is perfect for EDC. Check out this video I made on how to carry it on your person.

I was able to sit down with one of the inventors of the RATs tourniquet recently and quiz him about this must-have piece of EDC gear. Travis Hall, or ‘Doc T’ is a Green Beret medic who conducts training and partners with Blue Force Gear. Doc T has served in Special Forces for over 20 years and has personally saved many lives using this tourniquet. Watch the interview below.

Get a RATs Tourniquet HERE

Get a RATs Tourniquet HERE

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