Ranger Plates & MagPods for PMAGs

LOOK! Little Shoes for Your AR-15 Magazines

Yes, yes, I know, Ranger Plates and MagPods are simply adorable. Besides this obvious fact though, these AR-15 magazine accessories serve some pretty cool purposes. They give you a more stable shooting platform in magazine supported firing positions, they increase your purchase area when you go to draw a magazine, and they provide a way to stylishly mark magazines. Scroll down for purchase links and for a video on these PMAG accessories.

The Ranger Plate, by Magpul Industries, was designed for the PMAG and has a flexible, rubber-feeling loop. This loop supports the rifle when shooting and can also be easily grabbed when pulling a magazine from pouches (particularly helpful on body armor). You can get a 3 pack of Ranger Plates in colors such as black, FDE, and green. Ensure you get them for the proper generation PMAG you have (I use the Ranger Plate for my gen3 PMAGs and I use the MagPod for gen 2 PMAGS).

The MagPod is also designed for PMAGs, but is more of a hard block. I prefer the MagPod when shooting on softer surfaces like grass, sand, etc and I prefer the Ranger Plate for shooting on no-give surfaces like metal. The MagPod was designed for gen2 PMAGs and can be bought in a 3 pack for a little over $20. Like the Ranger Plates, MagPods come in multiple colors.

Get Ranger Plates HERE

Get MagPods HERE

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  1. You’re a funny guy! That makes it easy to listen and hear the instructions…….it’s like you know what you’re doing!! 🤗 purchase made! Keep the videos coming. It’s not likely I’ll ever get to train with you in person so I rely on your videos.

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