Rifle 2




Course Overview

This 1 day course begins with a review of safety protocols and an audit of each individual’s shooting fundamentals. During this course, students will be introduced to movement, use of cover and/or concealment, alternate body positions, scenario based stress fires, fighter mindset, and more. This course requires prior training equivalent to ‘Rifle 1’.

Who Can Attend?

  • All U.S citizens who are legally allowed to possess a firearm
  • Prior training equivalent to ‘Rifle 1’

What do You Need?

  • A quality semi-automatic AR / M4 / AK platform
  • 3 magazines with at least 1 magazine holster
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Weapons maintenance kit
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Optional: sunscreen¬†/ bugspray
  • Lots of water
  • Food
  • Clothing suitable for inclimate weather

Additional information

Dates & Places

Aug 20, 2017 – Springfield, MO, Sep 3, 2017 – Charlotte, NC, Sep 24, 2017 – Phoenix, AZ, Oct 15, 2017 – Eagle Lake, TX, Feb 25, 2018 – Aguanga, CA


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