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Course Overview

Here is one of the most under-appreciated courses because many think it’s simply something for SWAT teams and military folks. The reality is that every patrol cop answering a call, every civilian investigating a ‘bump in the night’, and really, every person who comes in harms way in or around any structure is engaging in room clearing. This is high-stakes chess. It is the unforgiving game of angles. Here, pistol / rifle skills graduate into something far more important: tactics. All military, law enforcement, and civilians are welcome to attend this 2 day course as long as they can legally possess a firearm and are US citizens. Students will learn timeless tactical principles, and combat proven deliberate clearing techniques which will enable them to spot the threats much earlier and avoid getting ambushed.

Additional Information

This class is mixed between a classroom time, drills, force-on-target, and force-on-force exercises. The course will review different types of clearing methods and shows the various tactics that have made them successful. For single-man clearing outside of an active shooter scenario, we will major on more deliberate clearing methods.

This is a non-shooting course (no live-fire). You may run the course with an airsoft AR-15 / m4 carbine (provided), and/or a Glock-sized pistol (provided). Face masks will also be provided as well as ammunition. You will need to bring other protective gear such as thicker clothing, neck protection, gloves, baseball cap, etc.

Who Can Attend?

  • All U.S citizens who are legally allowed to possess a firearm and who have completed an introductory firearm safety course.
  • You must have an intermediate/advanced level of training in pistol and/or rifle and be able to provide proof of training. You will be tied to whatever weapon system you have adequate training on. If you are trained in both, you will be able to switch intermittently if you cho0se.

What do You Need?

  • Protective gear: Hat, gloves, eye-protection, shemaghs (neck protection), etc.
  • Whatever kit you expect to fight in. Cops may choose full kit, whereas a civilian may come in plain clothes with a single spare mag pouch on their belt. Kit is your decision. Train like you fight.
  • Eye protection (though you will primarily be using the masks provided)
  • No ammunition or weapons required (provided)

Additional information

Dates & Places

Dec 16-17, 2017 – Vero Beach, FL, Feb 3-4, 2018 – Eatonton, GA, Mar 23-24, 2018 – Augusta, GA, Jun 2-3 – Hillsboro, OR


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