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We must start with the end in mind. Gunfights are horrifying affairs that can rob you of your ability to move, much less perform complex and aggressive motions. This intermediate level 2-day pistol course audits each students’ shooting fundamentals and then helps build pistol skills which are congruent with real-world demands. Teaching points include (but are not limited to): Shooting under fear and stress, building a realistic training regimen, proper grip and platform, the draw stroke, recoil management, trigger control, the science of transitions. Students will also be run through various stress fires to help inoculate them to the effects of fear and stress.

The Warrior Poet Weekend is a firearms training retreat that goes beyond mere instruction and instead arrives at ‘an experience’. This is a chance for a bunch of like-minded warrior poets to get together for 2 days of some serious training but also hang out around a bonfire, stay up late joking, and spending the night camping under the stars. For those kindred spirits out there who could use some bro-time, get some encouragement, talk about struggles, and talk about stuff that really matters. Bring your guns, ammo, and camping supplies (camping is optional).


$463 – 2 day course

  • Cost includes the training, an overnight group hangout with a camping option, and targetry.
  • Cost does not include food, ammunition, or camping equipment.


  • All U.S citizens who are legally allowed to possess a firearm.
  • Students should already have formal introductory training. This means they know the 4 universal firearm safety rules, be comfortable clearing, loading, and shooting a firearm, and be able to hold a 3-inch group at 5 yards

What do you Need?

  • A quality semi-automatic pistol
  • A kydex-type holster affording trigger guard coverage
  • Optional: concealment holster of a kydex-type material
  • 500rds of ammunition (but more is always better)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Camping supplies (if applicable)
  • Food for 1 morning around a campfire and snacks for 2 days
  • Water and snacks
  • Optional: Sunscreen & bug spray
  • Missing something? Check out my gear recommendations: http://astore.amazon.com/warri0e-20


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