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Surprise! I’m carrying a bulletproof shield!

Premier Body Armor panels are designed to make bulletproof backpacks. Yes, it’s brilliant. Now everywhere you go, you can have a discreet ballistic shield. In this crazy day of mentally unstable active shooters, I like knowing my kids can have some protection in their backpacks. I like knowing my wife and I can get behind something in the absence of cover. Really, nearly everywhere I go I have a bulletproof shield that I’ve carried now for over a year. It’s lightweight, flexible, and truly a get it and forget it item. Premier body armor panels go best when coupled with the Vertx bags they were custom made for. Shop armor panels and Vertx bags.

Premier Body Armor Panels features:

  • Bulletproof | meet the NIJ ballistic standards for Level IIIA (defeats 9mm, .40, .45, .44, etc.)
  • Thin | Just .22″ thick
  • Lightweight | Generally armor panels weigh under 2lbs
  • Tough | Constructed of the finest USA made Kevlar® with a rugged 500 Denier CORDURA® outer shell
  • TSA Approved!
  • Legal | Legal in all 50 states (but cannot be shipped to Connecticut)

The Level IIIa standard was also exceeded in special threat testing against some of the other powerful rounds out there like the 12 Gauge (buckshot and slug), Liberty Civil Defense, and the FN 5.7×28 rounds.

We have Warrior Poets living in states that restrict concealed carry.

That’s unconstitutional.

That’s wrong — but it is still happening.

Here is a solution that can help people stay a little safer even when they are unable to carry a gun, or to supplement their security when they  are carrying concealed.  Shop for Vertx Premier Body Armor Panel  &  Shop for Vertx Packs

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Author: John Valentine