Why We are the WEAKEST Generation of All Time

There’s a sobering quote by an author named Michael Hopf: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” That’s brilliantly said, and startlingly true. The wheels of history are soaked blood red with this reality, because what I think we humans fail to remember is just how hard and often fatal the hard times are. Lots of people die. Tyrants rise up and rule. Hard times. And …

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The Tyranny Test – Are We Still Free?

Today I want to lay out a very simple test I’m calling The Tyranny Test. It’s a timeless test that worked 100 years ago, it’ll work 100 years from now, and it’ll work today because it’s based on our basic rights as humans.  The founders of our country understood these basic human rights as the foundation for freedom and for a nation of free people, and they wrote the First and Second Amendments of our Constitution succinctly and unambiguously to …

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The War on Words

It’s time for courage, not political correctness. First of all, this is not a pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump blogpost. This is for freedom-loving Americans on both sides of the aisle, so regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, I’m glad you’re reading this.  Words Have Power Words have incalculable power, and right now we are in a war of ideas where words matter even more. This is why it’s so troubling to me to see places like Parler being shut …

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john lovell 7 popular gun myths

7 Anti-Gun Myths

Here is a question you may have based on the current gun discussions circulating in the media, and among U.S. politicians: “Are assault weapons a serious problem in the United States?” It’s an important question that surrounds the gun debate laws in our country, and one that requires knowledge and understanding. Let me clarify what is meant by “assault weapons.” Assault weapons are firearms that can fire multiple rounds of ammunition with one pull of the trigger. In other words, …

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How to Disarm America

To disarm America is to destroy the very foundation of freedom that our country was built upon. Because we have more guns than people, we are immediately, categorically different than how you disarm other countries. The 2nd amendment is wired into our core framework in the attitude of what it means to be an American. Free speech and the right to bear arms are our biggest backbone pieces. Our founders recognized that if you give people rights but you don’t …

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Left vs. Right: Quick Explanation of the Political Divide

The Perception. Most voters see “The Left” as predominantly interested in our personal wellbeing. They are concerned with how we are cared for, treated by others, and our social equality. They view “The Right” as predominantly concerned with the economy. These voters think of production, how little we depend on other nations, and how safe we are from attack. The Mainstream Media has utilized this political perception to divide our nation along the seeming dichotomy of social justice and equality …

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