A Must-have for Home Security

In many home defense scenarios, the thing we need most is NOT another box of ammunition or 1 more gun — it is time.  I use the NIGHTLOCK Door Brace to this end, and I suggest you get one or more for your family.

I’ve written before about early warning devices like alarm systems, and video cameras, but your home really needs something that keeps intruders out (not just warns you that they are already there).

The NIGHTLOCK Door Brace is a simple design that makes your door extremely difficult to force open. As a former Special Operations guy and war veteran, I’ve had the pleasure of kicking in more doors than I can count. What I’ve found is that doors are pathetically easy to kick in even if you have some snazzy dead bolt (a reinforced lock doesn’t help much because the wood trim is the first failure point).NIGHTLOCK door brace for residential security

The NIGHTLOCK is quick to slide in and out once the base plate is installed. If you have a window in the top half of your door, intruders cannot simply break the glass and unlock the bolt because the NIGHTLOCK acts as a fail-safe to keep your door shut. Rather than having a door that can be forced open with 1-2 kicks, the NIGHTLOCK can take your existing door and easily toughen it to sustain well over 30 kicks.

In the event that a determined bad guy attempts a home invasion, you need to buy time to do things like access a firearm, speak warning, move your family to a safe location, etc. To me, this little device is a no-brainer and a must-have for residential security.

Get a NIGHTLOCK Door Brace for around $40 by clicking HERE

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