Mrs. Poet’s Everyday Carry (EDC)

Everyday Carry for Women

So one thing is for sure, I’m not a ninja — I am a mom. My everyday carry always consists first and foremost, of kid snacks and action figure toys. Yet, I’m serious about keeping my kids and myself safe. Ladies, with some basic training and picking the tools of the game that you’re comfortable with, you can be prepared to defend yourself. Find an everyday carry (EDC) setup that is realistic for you and would heighten your level of safety. I usually carry concealed appendix and have found a few trusty things that work for me:

EDC for women Glock 43 Everyday Carry concealed carry

GLOCK 43 pistol

Night Fision Sights

Tier1 Concealed kydex HOLSTER (select ‘Ulticlip’ option for clips)

Taran Tactical +2 Base Pad or Vickers +2 Base Pad

Poet Custom KNIFE


Streamlight FLASHLIGHT

Warrior Poet Apparel

Vertx EDC BACKPACK (25% off with code WARPOET)