Medical Class with Doc T – Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Warrior Poet Society is now offering Emergency Medical courses taught by renowned medical professional Travis Hall, otherwise known as Doc T.

These combat focused courses will walk through the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) or Care Under Fire mindset. The curriculum will also examine prolonged care situations in which responders cannot immediately get to you. In a firefight, there is much to be considered when attempting to treat a casualty of any severity level. Travis will break down these considerations in detail while providing an extensively hands-on approach to instruction.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in different medical applications and procedures for different potential injuries. A simulated-stress environment aided by fake blood, noise, and distraction will allow students a more realistic combat trauma experience. Med 1 subjects include TQ, bandages, simple airways, chest seals, safety, fundamentals, and common mistakes. Med 2 covers criteria such as shock, sucking chest wounds, fractures, and warrior mindset.

Travis has over 22 years of service, the last 18 of which he spent honing his medic skills as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. Travis has served with 5th Special Forces as well as multiple other government agencies. With numerous foreign aid and combat deployments, he has developed a unique training style that relates to people across cultures.