Howard Leight Ear Pro: The Best Everyday Shooting Range Ear Protection

If you’ve been through as many ear protection options as we have, both in the field and on the training range, I know you’ll appreciate some thoughts on which options we’ve found to offer the most reliability and versatility for the money. 

These would be the tried and true WPS-tested workhorses–the Howard Leight Ear Pro.

This will be your absolute best bang for the buck if you’re looking for a durable everyday pair that you can wear to the range in all kinds of weather–sub-freezing temperatures, blazing Orlando summers, even precipitation. 

Gun Range Protection with Voice Amplification

In a training or range environment it’s important to hear commands and conversations without exposing your hearing to deafening decibels. The Ear Pro blocks out sounds above 82 decibels and amplifies all other sounds for greater safety and clearer communication in the field.

Durability and Versatility

We’ve used these in all sorts of conditions–winter freeze, summer blaze, light rain–and not only do they keep on working but they maintain comfort while working throughout the day. 

  • They fit all sizes and shapes of head.
  • They come in a variety of colors.
  • They accept a must-have upgrade–the NoiseFighters Gel Ear Pads. These add-ons provide an added layer of protection and comfort that we’ve deemed a necessity.
  • They even have an aux cable port for additional audio options.

Simple, Long-Lasting Engineering

And with just two AA batteries, the Ear Pros can stay operational for hundreds of hours. With an auto-off after four hours, you don’t have to worry about wearing a dead pair in the middle of a training session.

And while there are more sophisticated (and much more expensive) options out there to choose from, the functionality and durability of the Ear Pros and NoiseFighters combined is about as good as it gets. And believe me, this opinion draws from many years and products tested in the field.

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