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The Corona Virus pushed everyone into quarantine and parents all over the world were sent scrambling for homeschool resources and curriculum. As public and private education was shut down, parents were left scrambling to figure out how to homeschool. Those new to homeschool (and veterans alike) were faced with unprecedented challenges in educating their children.

To those who are currently struggling with the decision to homeschool, I wanted to offer you some fresh encouragement.

You can do this. 

Truly, you can. You can face these challenges to educate your child at home and actually ENJOY the process too. And who knows! You may come out on the other side of quarantine thinking, ‘hey, maybe this is a real fit for our family?’ First, let me point out that these circumstances are NOT typical homeschooling. Nowadays, homeschool is rich with community and outside activities and support. The isolation and school work that is sent home is not what the homeschool environment would usually look like.

Furthermore, if you look at the average college graduate, you cannot do worse than what the state is doing to your kids. The average liberals arts grad is a post-modern, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, gender confused, and America hating Marxist. Please don’t take it as name calling. They are wearing their beliefs quite boldly much to the horror of the parents who raised them different. I don’t know how many parents I’ve spoken to who seem to be bewildered, wondering ‘where did it all go wrong.

So…to the rescue!! Education is something you can do better than anyone else because you can replicate you and no one cares more about your kids THAN YOU!

Below you will find helpful links, 2 helpful videos we made for you, and the 3 P’s of Homeschooling. Enjoy and remember to share!

Enjoying the 3 P’s of Homeschooling

Everyone can enjoy these ‘Three P’s of homeschooling’ right now in educating your child(ren) at home. We are talking about (1) Perks, (2) Permission, and (3) Provision. These should help take some of the scariness out of homeschooling as you see the great benefits.

Perks of Homeschooling

There are tons of great perks to homeschooling! First of all, you get freedom to choose your schedule and daily routine. Also, you can set your own rhythms for what works best for your family. And unlimited snack and pee breaks? Yep!  In typical homeschool, another huge perk is that we can choose the tools of curriculum for what we study and how we study. This new and everyday time spent together is also lending to family discipleship. Your kids can shadow you through the day and learn life lessons from you as you go about your work and help them with theirs. Furthermore, you can cater your teaching to your kids’ unique learning styles. Are your kids more visual? Or are they audio learners? Maybe they are more kinesthetic and need to move as they recite memory work? You can incorporate fun activities to make their lessons stick.

Permission | choose your own curriculum

Feeling you have the permission to chart your children’s education is important. You have permission to invest in what you want to explore together. And you cannot read aloud to your kids too much or explore outside too much! These two things alone can enrich your whole experience at home together and make lasting memories. Also remembering grace for yourself and kids so you don’t expect too much too soon, or need a good restart to reset attitudes. Remember to not try to replicate the school experience. After all, this is your home! Embrace the individual personalities of the kids in your new school, your space, and your life rhythms right now. And please, avoid time-wasting busywork (unless you need a break). Finally, look for what you feel matters most for your students and family right now-and follow their interests! Explore, investigate, and create together!

Provision | choosing resources & environments

You get to provide the resources and the atmosphere of learning in your at-home environment. Try to stick to a basic routine rather than a tight schedule. You can eat breakfast, complete some household chores, and begin your subjects for the day.  In our home, we jump into structured teaching and if all goes well, we are done by lunch! You will want to provide materials for creating together like Legos, art supplies, sewing and craft supplies. Additionally, seek out good books for your interests and pursuits and steer away from too many textbooks. But not all this has to happen overnight and you don’t need all the answers today! Some things will definitely be trial and error for what works for you. Enjoy your time and your family atmosphere of learning more than checking off the to-do list! This time together could potentially transform your lives.

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