The 4 Worst Home Security Mistakes

Home Security | Mindset, Habits, & Tools

It’s fairly easy to avoid committing some major security mistakes. It starts with thinking a little different, forming some good habits, and buying a few upgrades. Here’s a list to guide you through getting a lot of security for not much cost or effort.

1. Think bad guys only come after midnight

Most burglaries happen in the middle of the day.

The FBI estimates that 65% of burglaries happen between 6am – 6pm. Door locks aren’t just for night time folks!

When thinking about home security everyone, you’ve got to plan for an attack at any time day or night

2. No outer security improvements

The number 1 rule of home security should be ‘DON’T BE A TARGET IN THE FIRST PLACE!’

We’re talking about home security systems, security signs, security cameras, door barricades, BIG SCARY DOGS, etc.

Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. You need bad guys to look at your house and say ‘yeah, no thanks – not worth the trouble’. Furthermore, if someone does attempt a break-in, you need as much early warning as possible.


This is really easy to accomplish and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Check out some of my recommendations in our Amazon security sign alarm system and wireless cameras

3. Advertise you are not home

To the criminal mind, certain behaviors cast a bat signal over your house that says “break in to this place.”

Leaving trash cans at the end of your driveway longer than your neighbors, or letting mail stack up in your mailbox or leaving packages on your porch.

Avoid leaving all your lights on or leaving your place without any lights.

Other behaviors like letting your grass get too long, or not leaving cars in your driveway can also invite criminals.

If you are going out of town and you usually have a car parked in the garage, consider putting the car in the driveway while you are gone.

4. Thinking in Hardware but not in HABITS

What good are locks on your doors, if you don’t use them?

Does your alarm system help you if  you aren’t turning it on at night and when you’re away?

What good are security blinds if you keep them open after dark?

Anyone outside your house can sit in the shadows and watch your every move. You are inviting trouble.

You have to have good habits – you have to cultivate a lifestyle of security. It’s not hard, it’s just making a tiny change here and there so you and your family never become victims.