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I first approached Holosun Red Dot Sights with some serious reluctance. Really, it would have been easy for me, as a ‘gun guy’ in the ‘gun industry’ to keep with more high-dollar brands. Sure people may call me a gear snob, but hey…could you blame me?! I ventured to take a closer look at Holosun optics because I wanted to begin vetting guns and gear for the average consumer. In short, I wanted to be a better resource for you. And when a fellow instructor in the gun world mentioned (to my surprise) that Holosun was “good to go”, I leaned in closer.

That was a little under 2 years ago. And now, after a ton of testing, I’m ready to say something that is even a shock to me:

Holosun red dot sights are the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK available. 🤯

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My Favorite Holosun Red Dot Sights

Probably the only thing I dislike about Holosun, is their product naming conventions. They seem to have 1,000 models that all look very similar and the product names are nearly indiscernible numbers and letter combos. It was quite a bit of work to figure out which models were the best value. Additionally, a word of caution! I bought off Amazon and received a counterfeit which sucked. Don’t get optics on Amazon.

HS403R Red Dot Micro Reflex Sight - HolosunHS403R Micro Red Dot Sight | The 403R is my favorite rifle optic on a budget (cost around $175). It comes with a 2 MOA red dot, super LED with up to 100,000 hours of battery life (left on for over 10 years), and 12 brightness settings. It is still a tough optic that I would trust, but you loose some of the cool features like their Shake Awake, Multi-Reticle Systems, and the QD mount.


HS403R Red Dot Micro Reflex Sight - HolosunHS503R Micro Red Dot Sight | Similar to the features of the HS403R, but also with the Multi-Reticle System. This allows you to choose between a 2 MOA dot or a 65 MOA ring (like on EOTech sights). You can get this optic for $250.


HS515GM - Micro Red Dot Sight - HolosunHS515GM Micro Red Dot Sight | This is Holosun’s military-grade optic and my personal favorite rifle optic. They do make a titanium version which is a waste of money because this one is already made out of 7075 aluminum (making it tougher than you actually need). Additional features include a Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake (so cool), 12 brightness settings, Holosun’s Green Super LED (up to 100k hours battery life), Multi-Reticle System, QD mount, Kill flash, and Clear Lens Caps. This red dot sight runs around $320.


HS507C V2 Open Reflex Sight - HolosunHS507c Pistol Sight | I have had this pistol sight on my EDC gun for well over a year now and I love it. It has advances over competitors with lower cost ($319), multi-reticle system, solar fail safe, 100k battery life, and is tougher (made with 7075 aircraft aluminum). I loved it so much, we put it as a combo deal with our WAR POET Pistol.


Holosun red dot sight HE509tHE509T Pistol Sight | I think the HE509T could become one of my favorite pistol optics. It has the features of the 507c, but with a closed emitter. This allows protection from the elements (debris, water, etc.). Furthermore this red dot sight has shake awake technology, 2 night vision settings, and a titanium body (ridiculously tough). Yes, it costs more ($429), but rightfully so. This little tank is impressive to say the least.


subcompact pistol red dot sight HolosunHS507k SubCompact Pistol Sight | Yay!!! Finally an awesome red dot sight for SubCompact pistols! This sight can go on your Sig 365, Glock 43, Springfield Hellcat, or any other similar sized gun cut for an optic. Unlike the few competitors out there making red dots for SubCompact guns, this one is flooded with good features. It posses the Holosun Super LED 50k hours battery life, the Multi-Reticle System, Shake Awake technology, and 12 brightness settings.



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