Review of Holosun 507c Micro Red Dot Sight

Quick Look at the Holosun 507c

The Holosun 507c MRDS (micro red dot sight) costs less and still maintains quality. An added bonus is that it makes my Glock 19x look even sexier. Bravo Holosun.

I have slowly warmed up to Holosun (I’ve kept to more well-known brands like Trijicon, Aimpoint, and Leupold). Thus far, from what I’ve heard and from my personal experience, these optics are tough, and well thought through.

Below I’ll cover the important features. Remember to check out the video below to see me run the HS507c  on the range.

Holosun 507c micro red dot sight HS507c Holosun 507c red dot sight

HS507c Features and Specifications

  • Low Cost. For under $300 you get the sight and a picatinny mount.
  • Tough Construction. It is CNC machined with 7075 aircraft aluminum. Holy cow.
  • Amazing Battery Life.
    • If left ‘ON’ at the middle setting, the battery on the Holosun 507c will last 50,000 hrs (5 years).
    • A solar panel on the top of the sight also acts as a fail-safe if the battery is dead.
    • Shake Awake technology turns the red dot off to save battery. If you pick up your gun, the red dot will come on automatically.
    • A negative to the Holosun’ design is the battery is on the bottom of the sight. This means you’d have to remove the sight to change the battery. In light of the aforementioned features though…who cares?
  • Multi-reticle System. You can toggle between a 2 MOA dot and a 32 MOA ring (if you are an EO Tech fan, this feature may thrill you).

The Holosun 507c also has features that the other competing sights have such as: waterproof, parallax reducing, night vision settings, unlimited field of view, limited lifetime warranty, etc.

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