Foot Fungus – The Enemy You Never Saw Coming

Did you know foot fungus is one of the most common and widespread ailments in the military and on the trail?

Maybe you remember Lieutenant Dan’s words of wisdom to Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba Blue:

“There’s one item of gear that can be the difference between a live grunt and dead grunt. Socks. Cushioned sole. OD green. Try and keep your feet dry. When we’re out humpin I want you boys to remember to change your socks whenever we stop. The Mekong will eat a grunt’s feet right off his legs.”

This foot fungus warning was no joke!

And though you likely won’t experience anything quite so severe as Vietnam jungle rot, you can easily make yourself miserable on your outing, adventure, or deployment if you allow foot fungus to set up camp inside your boot.

Foot Fungus Is No Joke

We know what you’re thinking – and we get it. The importance of battling extremity-borne bacteria is something you’ve likely never considered, so unfortunately it’s probably not something that most of us are prepared for.

Though the idea of foot fungus might simply conjure images of those old “Tough Actin Tinactin” commercials about treating athlete’s foot, a sudden onset of foot fungus can create some serious irritation, pain, and potential for infection.

Foot fungus knows your agenda, it knows your schedule, and it will hit you at the worst times possible. That could be on your deployment, your camping/hiking excursion, or even the family vacation abroad. Don’t get caught limping.

Heed the advice of Lieutenant Dan. Wear good socks (preferably moisture wicking) and change them often. But you also need to keep an antifungal remedy in your kit. One we recommend, especially for when that nasty fungus finds its way into your nails and nail beds, is the OnychoRX Anti-Fungal Pen.

The OnychoRX Anti-Fungal Pen (For Nail Fungus)

Anti-fungal foot fungus pen

The OnychoRX Anti-Fungal Pen is a unique, triple action, medicated nail pen that eliminates nail fungus by softening the nail and allowing a fast-acting, maximum strength formula to penetrate and kill fungi at their source. Manufactured by BotaniMedix, whose mission is to provide high quality, medical grade foot care treatments to deliver safe, effective and natural treatments that promote healthy feet.

The OnychoRX Anti-Fungal Pen is doctor formulated to treat Tinea Pedis (athlete’s foot) and Tinea Corporis (ringworm), the most common forms of foot fungus striking civilians and soldiers without warning.

Add Anti-Fungal to your EDC

As with any weapon we recommend at Warrior Poet Society, we pray you’ll never need to use it in a real-world, life or death scenario. Still we hope you’ll train with and carry a trusty anti-fungal formula.

Obviously we seriously doubt your foot fungus will reach far beyond the point of being super itchy and producing super ugly toenails inside the boot, but one way you can ensure that is to add some fungal treatment to your everyday carry.

The OnychoRX Pen applicator fits nicely into anything you’re carrying AND, ounce for ounce, packs the most powerful, all natural punch against fungus that we’ve ever experienced.

This WPS field-tested anti-fungal implement uses Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Propolis, and Isolates to gently penetrate the nail tissue and destroy the enemy inside.

As Always. Train Hard. Train Smart. Change Your Socks.

Get the OnychoRX Anti-Fungal Pen here.