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These 2 Discipline Hacks Changed My Life

Discipline doesn’t start with setting goals. Goals are important, but often end up just being good intentions. Discipline begins with setting small, sustainable habits. One of our Warrior Poet patrons contacted me recently with a whole list of ways he wanted to improve himself. To be a better warrior. Get in better shape. Etc. “But the linchpin for me,” he said, “is that I lack discipline. What can I do?” The truth is this. If there was a man who …

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Anti-Fungal foot fungus pen

Foot Fungus – The Enemy You Never Saw Coming

Did you know foot fungus is one of the most common and widespread ailments in the military and on the trail? Maybe you remember Lieutenant Dan’s words of wisdom to Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba Blue: “There’s one item of gear that can be the difference between a live grunt and dead grunt. Socks. Cushioned sole. OD green. Try and keep your feet dry. When we’re out humpin I want you boys to remember to change your socks whenever …

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Deadly Discipline with Boxer Tony Jeffries

It would be a mistake to talk about fighting and self-defense without addressing the basic skill set of boxers. Tony Jeffries is a world-class professional boxer, an Olympic medalist representing the UK, and now is one of the most popular boxing instructors in the world.  Our friend Clint Emerson, New York Times best-selling author of 100 Deadly Skills and Escape the Wolf, met with Tony to learn some of the basics of boxing, how to train form, power and speed, …

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Pat McNamara

Devastating Force with Pat McNamara

Pat McNamara is the quintessential soldier and warrior who served at the highest levels of special operations within the U.S. Army. He continues to teach and train in combatives and has made some of the defensive tactics he learned in the military accessible to a wide range of students. He’s like WWE and a good glass of bourbon all wrapped up in the American flag.  Our friend Clint Emerson, New York Times best-selling author of 100 Deadly Skills and Escape …

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Get Your Life Back

Recently John was on the road with his family. Mrs. Poet was scrolling through Instagram when she suddenly slammed her phone down in exasperation exclaiming “everyone is so angry all the time!” Everywhere you look/scroll/swipe you see nothing but anger or protests or riots. If you’re not mad already you could be mad about any of the following (just to name a few) : racism, sexism, socialism, communism, media bias, gun rights, coronavirus, hate speech, Hillary Trials, China, Russia, ANTIFA, …

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Africa Adventure with Warrior Poet Society

If you haven’t heard yet – we’re going to Africa, folks…and we’re inviting you to come with us. There are still spots available to join Warrior Poet Society on a 10-day escapade in East Africa during January 2021 (14th-23rd). Expect the experience of a lifetime, and be a part of the creation of a brand new WPSN episode. This trip will bring you from elephant orphanages to Swahili churches, from hot geysers and rocky cliffs to volcanoes and hot-air balloons. …

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Why We Chose to Invest with Sentara | Financial Freedom

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With Covid-19 continuing to loom over us, financial freedom is something we’re frequently reminded to consider. There’s never been a better time to invest in the stock market. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity.

When you know that your investors share the same ideals as you, it makes handing over your hard-earned money a lot less stressful. That’s why Warrior Poet Society chose to invest with Sentara.

Invest in your values.

Sentara’s hands-on approach allows you to carefully customize a portfolio to reflect your unique risk profile. They also diversify a curated stock selection from specific companies that are pro-capitalist, pro-military, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-freedom.

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Streaming Service on iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

The Warrior Poet Society NETWORK

The Warrior Poet Society Network is a full streaming service on iOs, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. This network if for premium content for those interested in self-defense, firearms, masculinity, humor, family, politics, martial arts, knives, fitness, and much more! Some of the content will be shows, but you will also be able to get full training classes, never before released. SIGN UP! The host, John Lovell is a former Army Ranger who travels the United States …

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Starting Strength: a private training session with Mark Rippetoe, aka ‘Rip’

Starting Strength | my journey from Injury to Fitness I heard about the Starting Strength program from one of their cult-like followers (who has since become a friend). I had dodged my CrossFit friends years before with my usual response. Because of a lower back injury I was unable to do squats, dead lifts, or similar power lifts. Clearly the CrossFit community and the Starting Strength community were seeing huge gains in strength and health. I wanted the gains, but …

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Tony Sentmanat of Real World Tactical and John Lovell the Warrior Poet

Tony Sentmanat of Real World Tactical meets the Warrior Poet

Meet my ridiculously large, hulk-smash friend Tony Sentmanat I had the pleasure of messing with Tony Sentmanat at the 2018 Shot Show in Las Vegas and we laughed our way through a dumb/brilliant/funny video you can find at the bottom of this page. Before you check it out, read on so I can introduce the big lug. Tony is the founder of Real World Tactical — a training organization out of South Florida that blends a ton of combat fitness …

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