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James Yeager’s Ultimate Family GO Bag

The ultimate GO bag is a prepper’s dream, and there are probably as many opinions about these grab-and-go survival kits as there are preppers who dream of them. Recently we visited with James Yeager of Tactical Response to get his take on what goes into the bugout bags he prepares for his family (grandchildren included) and why.  “In a crisis it would be nice to be able to stay at home without someone trying to burn your house down to …

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WPS ankle medical kit

WPS Ankle Med Kit – How to Save a Life

Lieutenant J.D. was on duty when he and his crew were dispatched to a penetrating trauma call. Someone was on a stabbing rampage. J.D. and his team from the Porter Fire Department were sent to one of two locations where victims with multiple stab wounds were found. The rescue company had been assigned to the other location. As soon as J.D. arrived and assessed the situation, he realized one of the three victims had a life-threatening injury to her back, …

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Medical Class with Doc T – Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Warrior Poet Society is now offering Emergency Medical courses taught by renowned medical professional Travis Hall, otherwise known as Doc T. These combat focused courses will walk through the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) or Care Under Fire mindset. The curriculum will also examine prolonged care situations in which responders cannot immediately get to you. In a firefight, there is much to be considered when attempting to treat a casualty of any severity level. Travis will break down these considerations …

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active shooter training

Countering the Active Shooter | Preparation and Online Training

Enough is Enough If you are as fed-up with active shooters (or better said, ‘active murderers’) as I am then pretty words and heart-felt condolences are simply not enough anymore. Talk is cheap and feelings don’t save lives. I want action. I want an armed, trained, and willing populace to be ready to meet these cowardly killers whenever and wherever they present themselves. The active shooter presents us with some unique challenges that requires some education if we want to …

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Medical Kit with North American Rescue components

EDC Ankle Medical Kit + Medical Components

Everyday Carry Medical Our EDC Ankle Medical Kit gives you the ability to comfortably carry medical and some overflow everyday carry items. In the world of self-defense, I hear folks talk about the importance of carrying medical. The only problem is that they carry multiple knives, a gun, a reload, and you guessed it, NO MEDICAL. If you really want to protect and defend life, you are more likely to need emergency medical than any of our stabby / shooty things …

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Battle Belt and War Belt with inner velcro belt and MOLLE webbing

Blue Alpha Belt – BEST IN CLASS for Range and Duty Use

Blue Alpha Belt – Tactical Belt for Military, LE, and Range Use Here is my #1 pick for the best tactical belt out there: The Blue Alpha Double Rig Belt. The magic of this tactical belt is that it allows you to have the load bearing capability of the bigger battle belts while still maintaining the low-profile design of a smaller duty belt. If you would like to see a video review of the belt, scroll down. Here’s the magic …

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RATS Tourniquet: EDC ready

The RATS Tourniquet is an essential piece of EDC gear.  Being a competent and confident tactician means being prepared for the worst.  It is VITAL for you and your loved ones that you be prepared to give lifesaving medical care in the event of an emergency.  Tourniquets are straightforward to use and when applied correctly can prevent death due to blood loss.  The RATS Tourniquet was developed by a 28 year Special Forces Medic with multiple combat trauma experiences under …

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Everyday carry for concealed carry with kydex holster

Everyday Carry of the Warrior Poet

John Lovell breaks out his Everyday Carry I’m one for being prepared, but I’m also not living a pipe dream where I think Shredder and his Footclan are about to try to Ninja me and the family. My everyday carry (EDC) is therefore a balance of preparedness and comfort. Comfort, in my opinion has slowly become the most important fact of everyday carry that I preach. I’ve seen it too often. People who are getting into carrying concealed get excited …

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RATs Tourniquet for Everyday Carry

RATs Tourniquets for EDC

Must-have EDC Tourniquet I carry tourniquets everywhere because (1) the world seems to be getting worse with all the terrorist attacks and active shooter incidents happening, and (2) accidents happen. Now, with the RATs tourniquet, I have a no-bulk solution for Everyday Carry (EDC). Many of you want to be ready to rescue folks in need. I usually carry the CAT tourniquet on my tactical gear, in my car, and in my EDC bag, but for carrying on my person …

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