EDC Ankle Medical Kit + Medical Components

Everyday Carry Medical

Our EDC Ankle Medical Kit gives you the ability to comfortably carry medical and some overflow everyday carry items.

In the world of self-defense, I hear folks talk about the importance of carrying medical.

The only problem is that they carry multiple knives, a gun, a reload, and you guessed it, NO MEDICAL.

If you really want to protect and defend life, you are more likely to need emergency medical than any of our stabby / shooty things (yes those are real words, as of now). The difficulty is that carrying medical can be bulky and your phone and keys are taking up most of your only available real-estate. The ankle though is usually fair game to those who wear pants regularly. North American rescue medical components


Our Everyday Carry (EDC) Ankle Medical Kit has some huge competitive advantages over the few that exist on the market. Here’s the break-down of ankle medical awesomeness:

Key Features of EDC Medical Kit

  • FAST/COMFORTABLE. If your EDC is not comfortable, then it is likely you will not carry it consistently over time. Velcro clasps for fast removal, so that you can start administering help in seconds. Rugged outer shell is durable and light.
  • MAXIMUM OPTIONS. Utilize all 6 pockets with a curated set of medical devices specifically chosen for most EDC medical issues, or customize it to your liking with your own set of tools.

medical trauma kit EDC

  • TONS of STORAGE. Every inch of this EDC kit is working for you. The ends open up into secret pockets which can act as a wallet, or a place for helpful EDC items like flash drives, lock pick sets, folded up tape, handcuff keys, cordage, and whatever else you may need. The vertical pockets are multi-purposed as you can carry nearly an ENTIRE IFAK and still have room in the trauma sheers pocket for a MULTI-TOOL.
  • BREATHABLE & ANTI-MICROBIAL. The inner mesh liner provides an anti-microbial pad which is highly breathable to maintain comfort and keep you sweat-free. This ankle EDC medical kit passes bulk to the outside using pleated pockets so the bulk doesn’t push in on the ankle forming hot spots.

If you are interested in checking this medical kit out, check it out on our website. You can buy it empty for $68.95 or with North American Medical  (NAR) components for $126.95.