AR-15 Setup on a Budget

Budget-Friendly AR-15 Setup

I would prefer to tell you to just get the high-end awesome stuff. It works better and is more reliable, but wow, the good stuff can get really expensive. So, I set out to pull together a respectable looking budget AR-15 setup with optic, irons, light, and sling for $800.

I bought a Palmetto State Armory (PSA) because so many people buy them and ask me questions via my social media channels, and I found a $500 deal on a Black Friday sale for one with Magpul furniture and a Midwest mlok rail. As for accessories, see the links below. I liked the way the rifle was setup — it looks good and ergonomically works similar to my more pricey builds.

So far, I have had no issues with reliability (though I have not really even begun to torture this rifle) and it was able to hold a fairly tight group at 50 meters. Of course the action and accuracy is inferior to my higher end rifles, but for what it is though, I am pretty pleased.

What I couldn’t STAND about this rifle was the recoil impulse was awkward and it seemed to push my muzzle hard left when shooting. This alone was enough to make me dislike this AR-15. The fix ended up being as simple as a heavier buffer and longer spring, but I still am irritated I had to do anyhing.


I have purchased a few more PSA rifles and have found that my issue with the first gun was likely a fluke. I have observed good reliability so far and I think given the price point, these are good guns to stockpile for the impending zombie apocalypse.

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