Blue Alpha Belt – BEST IN CLASS for Range and Duty Use

Blue Alpha Belt – Tactical Belt for Military, LE, and Range Use

Here is my #1 pick for the best tactical belt out there: The Blue Alpha Double Rig Belt. The magic of this tactical belt is that it allows you to have the load bearing capability of the bigger battle belts while still maintaining the low-profile design of a smaller duty belt. If you would like to see a video review of the belt, scroll down. Here’s the magic of the Blue Alpha belt:

  • Keeps gear tight to the body without causing discomfort. An extremely rigid design coupled with an inner velcro belt, allows even weight distribution. Without both of these elements, I’ve found low-profile belts cause me to get hot spots where the majority of the weight was focused. Additionally, equipment has a tendency to ‘flop around’, which is a real nuisance when running.
  • Quick on and off – The inner velcro belt allows you the ability to quickly remove or put on your outer load-bearing belt. A member of the military, a police officer, and anyone who wears gear for long periods of time, can attest to the convenience this belt brings!
  • MOLLE webbing – MOLLE pouches and/or belt-mounted pouches can securely mount to the Blue Alpha belt. The belt is 1.75″ with two thin rows of MOLLE webbing and a cobra buckle. This setup means it is exactly big enough to mount equipment without adding extra weight and bulk.

The Blue Alpha double belt rig is the latest evolution in tactical belts.

Blue Alpha Gear belt with cobra buckle in Multicam, Coyote, Black, Ranger green

I remember when I first started trying to piece together a good tactical belt. The battle belt I got (in Multicam of course) was a bulky mess of MOLLE webbing and plastic gadgetry. I loved that I could put pouches and accessories anywhere and that the weight distribution felt great. That is, until I needed to run and gun. As soon as I started moving fast, the whole thing seemed to take on a life of it’s own, and man, that thing would heat up! When I took it off, I would have a donut ring of sweat around my waist.

After my departure from the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ war belt mentality, I returned back to just a simple range / duty belt. With a smaller belt, I had to make the decision to limit what I carried to just the basics: my pistol, 2 spare pistol magazines, 1 rifle magazine, my medical kit, and a dump pouch. The problem with this setup is that any prolonged use caused pretty bad discomfort.

The Blue Alpha belt is the latest evolution in tactical belts because it gives you the best of both worlds: the battle belt / war belt AND the low-viz range / duty belt. Pick one up here in Multicam, coyote, black, etc.

*UPDATE: We liked the Blue Alpha belt so much we collaborated to make a WARRIOR POET version. It sounds sexier than it is. We just co-branded it. Enjoy Poets!

John Lovell’s War Belt Setup: