john lovell shooting rifle ar-15

How To Shoot an AR-15/M-4 Carbine

Maybe you learned to shoot on hunting trips or at the firing range with friends, but this is tactical shooting—when speed counts and targets shoot back. Here are some of the keys to breaking bad habits and starting some new ones with your AR-15 or M-4 Carbine. #1: Develop a Squared Off Rifle Stance Anytime I’m teaching someone to shoot for tactical scenarios, I start off by tracking and breaking some common habits picked up along the way. I don’t …

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brazilian jiu jitsu gi white belt

These 2 Discipline Hacks Changed My Life

Discipline doesn’t start with setting goals. Goals are important, but often end up just being good intentions. Discipline begins with setting small, sustainable habits. One of our Warrior Poet patrons contacted me recently with a whole list of ways he wanted to improve himself. To be a better warrior. Get in better shape. Etc. “But the linchpin for me,” he said, “is that I lack discipline. What can I do?” The truth is this. If there was a man who …

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Soldiers leaving Afghanistan

What the Taliban Takeover Means

The fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, August 14, marks the beginning of dark days for a country and region, and the end of a two-decades-long climb toward freedom. It destabilizes peace and freedom everywhere and weakens America’s presence in the world. John Lovell talks about the consequences of this deplorable decision. The senseless deaths last week of 13 U.S. Marines at the hands of a suicide bomb attack does not in any way diminish the immense courage and legacy of these …

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warrior poet edc combatives socp

Real World Combatives Training For Civilians

The effectiveness of your combatives skill set is only as good as your ability to deploy those skills in real world scenarios—when seconds and split-second reactions mean life or death. The ability to take defensive measures, deploy a weapon, and defend yourself, your wife, kids, and other innocents against surprise attack—this all requires well-trained reaction times. This is why Warrior Poet Society has developed the EDC Combatives – Force on Force training course working with Josh Griffiths, a current Special …

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Anti-Fungal foot fungus pen

Foot Fungus – The Enemy You Never Saw Coming

Did you know foot fungus is one of the most common and widespread ailments in the military and on the trail? Maybe you remember Lieutenant Dan’s words of wisdom to Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba Blue: “There’s one item of gear that can be the difference between a live grunt and dead grunt. Socks. Cushioned sole. OD green. Try and keep your feet dry. When we’re out humpin I want you boys to remember to change your socks whenever …

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missed target

The Worst Shooting Advice I’ve Ever Heard

There’s a lot of professional opinions out there about how best to train, present and shoot your pistol in a tactical scenario. A lot of these opinions come from reputable sources, but some fall into the category of crap advice. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to some of these words of well-meaning non-wisdom, so we’re here to set you back on the straight and narrow and help you avoid three terrible pieces of shooting advice. Bad Advice #1: Aim Up and …

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john lovell night vision training

An Intro to Night Vision

How to choose and use your night vision kit. When it comes to night vision gear, it’s possible to spend a fortune and get a lot of junk. The truth about night vision kit is that you’re usually going to get what you pay for, and if you want reliable, high-performance gear then you can’t afford to skimp and buy the knock-offs. As my friend and night vision aficionado, Sam Houston, says: “Good night vision isn’t cheap, and cheap night …

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firearm safety

Keeping Kids Safe in a Home with Guns

We’ve probably all heard the tragic stories of children getting their hands on guns and the nightmare scenarios that result from that. This is no joke. Things can turn very badly very quickly if your guns aren’t treated with the respect they deserve. But all of this can be avoided! There are countless families who have successfully maintained guns at home safely, securely yet ready when needed. And that’s what we’re talking about today. Here are some tried and true …

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war veteran salute accolades

The Most Dangerous Man in the Room

I realize there’s a lot of debate out there about how to appear like a hard target to a would-be assailant, so I wanted to address what I think makes you the most dangerous man in the room when it comes people who want to do harm. Let me start with a story about a man named Tony Lopez.  Tony Lopez was the Spanish teacher in my high school, he coached the girl’s soccer team, and when you looked at …

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family home defense father daughter rifle training

Getting the Family on Board with Home Defense

Small steps can take you a long way in preparing your family and loved ones for self defense, home defense, and other tactical emergencies.  I have very little doubt that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve given some thought to how you’ll defend your home in the event of a home invasion or other tactical scenario.  Here’s the problem I’m seeing–we’ll get training for ourselves,  get the guns and tools and be ready to use them, but our families don’t …

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