AR550 Steel Raven Target System

The Raven AR550 Steel Target System by Warrior Poet Society was engineered around the modern shooter. One of the foremost considerations during the design process was to afford you more time shooting and less time prepping. With durable 3-piece construction and an overall weight of just 42 pounds, you can have the Raven set up to shoot in seconds.

Sure it’s fast – and it’s also strong. We made sure not to sacrifice strength for speed. The AR550 steel will handle your pistol and rifle rounds with ease. It can also handle .30 cal rounds without issue, so you’re free and clear to pull out the AR-47 or hunting rifle. Solid steel construction means no hinges, pins, or wooden parts to deteriorate over time. This is a target system that goes the distance.

With built-in carry handles and an optional paper target adaptor, portability and versatility are guaranteed.  The Raven also has a fixed 20° silhouette angle which strategically reflects spall downwards. Couple this with a wide, low stance and feet that dig into the ground and you have one of the safest target systems on the market.

Check out the Raven in our STORE, or watch our video below to see it up close and in action.