john lovell pistol training

The Basics of How to Grip a Pistol

When it comes to the world of professional shooting and firearms training, every experienced shooter has the little tweaks and nuances for how they land rounds on a target. But those nuances are built on a foundation that’s agreed upon by anyone who’s serious about the art and craft of holding and shooting a pistol. So while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to operating a pistol safely and effectively, there are the basics that make up 75 percent of your shooting

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truck setup emergency

How To Prep Your Truck For Disaster

Disaster and danger don’t always wait for when you’re safely behind the closed doors of your home with your emergency food and water supply, arsenal, medical supplies, etc. So it’s important to be ready for situations that might arise when you’re out and about or on a road trip, because you never know when you’ll need to assist in a rescue, “move off the X,” abandon a vehicle and disappear in the woods, or even get back home on foot.

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John Lovell is a firearms and tactical training course instructor who travels across the United States educating law enforcement, military, and civilians.

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